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Franklin Stone (Licensed Massage Therapist) began his house call private practice serving central New Jersey in therapeutic bodywork in 2001. He offers sessions in Swedish Massage and Traditional Thai Massage. Franklin completed his training in Massage Therapy at the Garden State Center for Holistic Healing in 2001. His Swedish Massage training included neuromuscular therapy for conditions such as sciatica, neck pain, and carpal tunnel syndrome. Since completing his Massage Therapy training, Franklin has specialized in Traditional Thai Massage, completing hundreds of hours of continuing education with the Institute of Thai Massage, as well as other independent teachers and trainings.


Swedish Massage sessions - Franklin brings a table, leg bolster, sheets, and massage oil. You would provide an appropriate space for a table to be set up.


Thai Massage sessions – Franklin provides an appropriate mat and pillows for Thai Massage. The area for a Thai mat is larger than the area for a massage table, so the client will need a floor space roughly 8’ x 8’. The client does not disrobe for Thai Massage. Instead, the client wears loose-fitting clothing such as pajamas or sweat pants and tee shirt. Anything that would be worn for yoga would be appropriate as well. The client lies down on the mat and is massaged by use of palm and foot compressions, integrating finger and thumb pressure on pressure points throughout the body. Additionally, Franklin guides clients into and out of passive yoga postures which require no effort from the client and are entirely conducted within the limitations of the individual. Thai Massage opens the flow of energy through channels in the body to promote relief of tension and constriction, greater flexibility, greater balance in the body, better sleep at night, and improved circulation, and digestion.








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