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"I find Brian's massage work to be relaxing, nourishing and healing. I hold my tension in my shoulders, and his gentle but deep work in that area in particular released the tension and the pain associated with it. Brian has a healer's touch, and with the gentle music he had playing in the background I could relax so deeply that insights emerged for me about the nature of the tension, helping me let go even more. Since Brian brought his massage table in to my home, I appreciated not having to get in my car afterward and drive. Instead, I stayed in that deeply relaxed state and absorbed its benefits. I highly recommend inviting Brian to do an in-home massage for you or a loved one. It is a real gift. - Cynthia Yoder, Princeton area


"Brian is a healer, a friend, and - incidentally - a massage therapist. I came to him for massage and he treated me like a best friend. I was injured in a car accident before seeing Brian and suffered acute back pain. Brian took it away. I saw my share of physical therapists. I even saw a massage therapist who worked for the US Olympic Team! None of these skilled people could tap into the source of my pain and take it all away like Brian could. It is an understatement to simply refer to Brian as a "massage therapist" who "made me feel good". This statement may be true, but healing with Brian is so much more than that. Just recently, I reaggravated my injury while skiing. My appointment with Brian was a week away, but he worked me into his schedule the next day. Not only did he work me in last minute, he also spent an extra hour with me, explaining the source of what had just happened to my muscles and how they would heal much faster than I'd expected they would. If your body needs any form of healing - spiritual, emotional, or physical - please do yourself a favor and schedule a session with Brian." - Katy Kahn, New York City


"When I first came to Brian for regular yoga instruction, I lived with chronic daily pain. After working with Brian regularly for 6 months, I realized yesterday afternoon that my knees and ankles didn't hurt all day. This is the first day in over a year that nothing hurt. Brian is a big part of the reason why." - Karen


"I have had many massages from various massage therapists for several years now. Although I could not say that I ever had a poor massage, I can truthfully say that my massage from Brian was the best one that I ever had! Brian has the perfect touch. He instinctively knows the proper amount of pressure and technique to aid in healing the body. He listens to what the client tells him both verbally and intuitively. I left feeling greatly relaxed and rejuvenated in body, mind, and spirit." - Gerri


"The massage was perfect, probably the best I've had so far. He did everything to relieve the tension from my back." - Dave






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