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What to Expect

Whether you are scheduling your 1st massage or your 1,000th one, every client has questions about what to expect when making an appointment with a new massage therapist. Here is some basic information about the massage services you'll receive from OM Central Jersey Massage:
  • Prior to your first session you will be asked to complete an intake form which will help your therapist get an idea of your health history
  • Your therapist will also discuss your expectations for the session and identify any areas of the body that will require special attention


  • Proper draping will be strictly maintained at all times for your comfort and safety


  • Some massage techniques require the use of lotion, oil, or cream - please advise your therapist of any allergies when making your appointment


  • Many clients prefer to listen to music or nature sounds during a session to help them relax. You are welcome to play music of your choosing during the massage and your therapist will also offer the option to play a "Massage Mix" on a portable music device
  • During the session your therapist will ask you to verify that the pressure is to your liking, but at any time the client has the right to request more or less pressure
  • OM Central Jersey Massage LLC provides non-sexual, therapeutic massage. Your therapist maintains the right to end any massage session immediately if this boundary is not respected


  • This space is shared with other practitioners and there may be other events and/or treatments taking place at the same time. Your therapist will meet you in the reception area at your scheduled appointment time.
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